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The Next Step in Mobility

Fast. Simple. Painless.

Form to Finish in 96 Hours

GRD Is committed to getting you assistance as quickly as possible. Our on demand manufacturing process gets your Ascend out the door in under 96 hours.

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No visit to an Orthotist necessary. Just measure yourself using our video guide

Receive Your Ascend

Your Ascend will be made just for you and shipped out in under 96 hours

Rise Up

Get back out doing the things you love, and show us where you take Ascend!

Lightweight Form

Lasting Support

Revolutionary Technology
Long lasting ¬†Proven support you won’t even know is there.

Ascend brings proven assistance in a sleek lightweight form factor. Our patent pending Varying Radius Spring delivers smooth support to your knee throughout bending, and can be tailored for your rehabilitation process.

Knee Pain Reduction

Experiencing knee pain that’s slowing you down? Ascend can keep you at peak performance while doing what you love.

Injury Prevention

You deserve to focus on your game. That’s why Ascend assists your leg muscles when they’re in their most at risk position.


Going through knee surgery is painful. Ascend helps strengthen your muscles faster so you can get back to being you.