Meet Ascend

The next leap into knee bracing technology

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Rise Up With Ascend

The Ascend is a prototype knee orthotic that uses a nonlinear spring system which provides an offloading force to the thigh and calf of the user. It’s lightweight form factor enhances your mobility while creating a comfortable experience during the healing process. The Ascend is built and intended for consumers to increase comfort and mobility in their daily lives. 

Proven Assistance

Enjoy doing the things you love while the Ascend provides the assistance for your knee

3D Technology

The use of 3D scanning and printing creates a customizable brace just for you

Lightweight Form

A sleek lightweight form factor that increases your mobility

Lasting Support

Our Varying Radius Spring delivers smooth support to your knee throughout bending


Mobility Evolved

Let The Ascend Take You Places

The Model

Designed and created by engineers and experts, the Ascend has the perfect combination of aesthetics, technology, and  muscle assistance for patients and care providers who choose our product.

The Process

How to Order Your Ascend


The Ascend is not a medical device

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