Ascend Knee Brace

Ascend Knee Brace

Ascend Knee Brace


The Ascend is a prototype knee orthotic that uses a nonlinear spring system which provides an offloading force to the thigh and calf of the user. It’s lightweight form factor enhances your mobility while creating a comfortable experience during the healing process. The Ascend is built and intended for consumers to increase comfort and mobility in their daily lives. 


*HSA FSA Eligible 

Do more of what you love.

Ascend features an award-winning design with patent-pending technology. Constructed of flexible aerospace grade composites, Ascend is extremely lightweight and durable.

Ascend Knee Brace
  • Lightweight

    Using flexible aerospace grade composites, the Ascend is lightweight and durable.

  • Made Here

    Ascend is proudly made in the USA for unmatched precision and build quality.

  • No Loose Straps

    Ascend's Quick Disconnect Tensioning Unit secures the brace quickly without needing to readjust straps.

  • Patented Design

    Patent-pending design that reduces load in quadriceps muscles by promoting less quad-dominate form.

Mobility. Evolved.

Letting you do more of what you love, Ascend combines advanced knee bracing technology with superior form and function.

Technical specifications

  • Features

    Lightweight Flexible Composite

    Adjustable Neoprene Straps

    Quick Disconnect Tensioning Units

    Hardware Color Options

  • Technology

    Varying Spring Radius

    Non-Linear Spring System

    3D Printed or CNC Milled in USA

  • In The Box

    Ascend Knee Brace

    Replacement Straps

    Ascend Padded Carry Case