Ascend Pro Knee Brace

Ascend Pro Knee Brace

Ascend Pro Knee Brace



Ascend is a prototype knee orthotic that uses a nonlinear spring system which provides an offloading force to the thigh and calf of the user. It’s lightweight form factor enhances your mobility while creating a comfortable experience during the healing process. The Ascend is built and intended for consumers to increase comfort and mobility in their daily lives. 

The Pro version of our popular Ascend is a fully custom knee brace developed by a proprietary 3D scanning and printing process. Available only through select partner clinics. Please contact us to learn more and to find your local Ascend Pro partner clinic. 

Do more of what you love.

Ascend Pro is 3D printed in the USA and completely customized to you. It features an award-winning design with patent-pending technology. Constructed of flexible aerospace grade composites, Ascend Pro is extremely lightweight and durable.

Ascend Knee Brace
  • Lightweight

    Using flexible aerospace grade composites, the Ascend is lightweight and durable.

  • Made Here

    Ascend Pro is proudly 3D printed in the USA for unmatched precision and build quality.

  • No Loose Straps

    Let your customers know what details set your product apart from the competition.

  • Patented Design

    Patent-pending design that reduces load in quadriceps muscles by promoting less quad-dominate form.

Mobility. Evolved.

Letting you do more of what you love, Ascend combines advanced knee bracing technology with superior form and function.

Technical specifications

  • Features

    Lightweight Flexible Composite

    Adjustable Neoprene Straps

    Quick Disconnect Tensioning Units

    Hardware Color Options

  • Technology

    3D Printed Materials 

    Varying Spring Radius

    Non-Linear Spring System

  • In The Box

    Ascend Pro Knee Brace

    Replacement Straps

    Ascend Padded Carry Case