Ascend Knee Brace

Innovative knee brace technology that reduces quad dominance without limiting range of motion.

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Mobility. Evolved.

Letting you do more of what you love, Ascend combines advanced knee bracing technology with superior form and function.

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Innovative Rehab Technology


Walk the beach, hike or just be active with knowing you 

Support With Relief

VRS System reduces muscle loading which can help


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Why Ascend?

Built for thoose who want the best for their recovery without compromising style and comfort, the Ascend is the worlds first knee brace with proven muscle assistance.
Proven Assistance

First knee brace validated to reduce quad dominance, via patenting pending VRS technology.

Lightweight Form

Slim Fit. Under 1.5lbs.

Lasting Support

Our Varying Radius Spring or VRS supports your leg`s natural range of motion.

Premium Quality

Made in USA with flexible aerospace grade composites commonly used in aircraft wings and fuselages.

That Perfect Fit

Ascend Pro uses app based 3D scanning, and autonomous manufacturing to create a perfect fit.

Mobility. Evolved.

Experience maximum mobility with Ascend. Allowing you to do more of what you love with no restrictions.

Meet Ascend.

Designed and created by engineers and experts, the Ascend has the perfect combination of aesthetics, technology, and muscle assistance for patients and care providers who choose our product.

Ascend Knee Brace
  • Enhanced Comfort

    Lightweight composites allow for a "barely there" feel and experience.

  • Varying Spring Radius

    Reduces load in quadriceps muscles by promoting less quad-dominate form.

  • Non-Linear Spring System

    Provides safe offloading of force to the calf and thigh. 

  • Tensioning Unit

    Tightened straps snap into place with Ascend's quick disconnect tensioning system. 

Experience Mobility. Evolved.

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What Ascend users are saying.

This is the best brace I've ever used. I'm one week ahead in my physical therapy!

Ascend has given me the ability to wear high heels again. Something I never thought was possible.

I really like the support of the spring element.