your recovery. accelerated.

Get back to your best with Ascend. The world's first passive knee exoskeleton proven to reduce quad dominance without compromising range of motion.

Leap past traditional bracing

Ascend can help reduce extended recovery times and knee pain by deferring quad dominance and reducing joint contact forces. Quad dominance often occurs post-injury or post-surgery and its correction has been linked to lower knee injury risks, reduced physical therapy and discomfort.

Key features

VRS technology

Varying Spring Radius reduces load in quadriceps muscles by promoting less quad-dominate form. This can result in less knee pain.

Enhanced comfort

Lightweight composites allow for a "barely there" feel and experience.

Quick disconnect

Tightened straps snap into place with Ascend's quick disconnect tensioning system.

Perfect fit

Ascend Pro uses app based 3D scanning and autonomous manufacturing to create a perfect fit.

Anti Migration

Our patented X-strap system prevents downward migration without compromising comfort.

USA Made

Autonomously manufactured in the USA with lightweight & strong aerospace grade composites commonly used in aircraft wings and fuselages.

Ascend supports everyone

Whether you're looking to get back to crushing the competition, hiking with your friends or family, or simply getting back the active life you had before knee injury – Ascend can get you there.

Client Stories


This is the best brace I've ever used. I'm one week ahead in my physical therapy!


I really like the support of the spring element.


Are you a provider?

Providers, learn how you can use Ascend in your treatment plans to assist patents in a complete recovery.