Your Recovery. Accelerated.

Get back to your best with Ascend. The worlds first passive knee exoskeleton proven to reduce quad dominance without compromising range of motion

Leap Past Traditional Bracing

Our research suggests the Ascend can help reduce extended recovery times and knee pain by deferring quad dominance and reducing joint contact forces. Quad dominance often occurs post injury or post-surgery and its correction has been linked to lower knee injury risks, reduce physical therapy and discomfort.

How Ascend Works

Ascend uses patent pending technology we call the VRS or varying radius spring. Built from our own aerospace grade composite, VRS stores mechanical energy from your muscles when flex, squat or walk; then releases this energy during strenuous, heavy or at risk movements without changing your gait or normal motion. Its assistance without limitation.

Ascend Supports everyone from Athletes to everyday People

Ascend is used by hikers, runners, cyclists; pro and amateur athletes alike looking to gain an edge in their injury or surgery recovery. Whether your looking to get back crushing the competition, hike with your friends or family, or simply get back the active life you had before knee problems, Ascend can get you there. Check out some of our clients stories below.

What Ascend users are saying.

This is the best brace I've ever used. I'm one week ahead in my physical therapy!

Ascend has given me the ability to wear high heels again. Something I never thought was possible.

I really like the support of the spring element.

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