Ascend Brace

Ascend combines advanced knee bracing technology with superior form and function. Manufactured in the USA with aerospace grade components, Ascend is a premium knee brace product for users who want only the best in their recovery programs.

A standard Ascend comes in 7 different sizes and does not require 3D scanning of the leg. Ascend Pro is completely customized based on the shape leg and 3D scanning at one of our partnered clinics is required.

3D scanning of the leg takes a few minutes to conduct via an iPad and 3D scanning technology.

Yes, of course! Even if you have completed your recovery plan, you are still able to wear our knee brace for however long you need.

We suggest that you do not submerge the Ascend brace into any type of water or liquid. To wash your Ascend, you can use a damp cloth with soap or light cleaning solution.

You can wash your Ascend using alcohol wipes or wipes without bleach or harsh chemicals. The side pads and silicone condyle and back straps can be washed with soap and water. Allow your brace to dry before putting back on. Don't use bleach or acetone to wash your brace.

Tired of your current Ascend color? We sell full kits of all the colored bits so you can change your brace's color. Contact us for more info on how to order.

Purchasing Ascend

You can buy Ascend online for direct home delivery. Shop now.

Yes, Ascend Pro and Ascend are eligible for potential insurance reimbursement under PDAC codes L1845 or L1852 respectively. Check with your care professional and insurance provider. exact amount and coverage depend on you insurance plan and provider. For more information, feel free to contact us directly. 

You'll need to first visit a partner clinic for 3D scanning of your leg and knee. Please contact us for more information and we will connect you with a partner clinic near you for consultation and 3D scanning.

Yes, payment plans are available in installments paid monthly through our partner Affirm. Details are in the product page or you can contact us for more information.

For information on how to pay with your FSA/HSA plan, please contact us at or call 386-888-3688.

Shipping policy

We ship throughout the United States. To ship elsewhere, contact us.

Orders of the Ascend standard brace are dispatched right away. If you've ordered a custom 3D printed Pro version of Ascend – we will ship your order as soon as the 3D printing process has been completed.

Returns and exchanges

Ascend comes with a 30 day trial period. See the full trial and return policy here.