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Formed in June 2017, GRD Biomechanics, LLC creates advanced technology for a painless orthopedic rehabilitation process. Our flagship product is the Ascend. Ascend is a muscle augmentation knee brace that uses a patient-pending variable radius spring technology (“VRS”) to provide proven support. Our proprietary manufacturing process enables product customization for each customer with shorter turn around time than industry norms.

Mission Statement

We believe that easy mobility enables us to do more of what we love. As such we strive to increase your mobility and remove the painful barriers in the process, by building advanced assistive and rehabilitative technology. Our team strives to empower you to be your best; whether that`s recovery from surgery to run that marathon or provide assistance to walk on the beach. Or simple put Mobility. Evolved. 

Message from the Founder

I started GRD in 2017, under the belief that pain free mobility, empowers people to do more of what they love. We here, are obsessed with creating the best products for orthopedic rehab and injury and the best experience for patients and care providers. As a result we created Ascend, a fundamentally different knee bracing technology and purchasing experience that enables our clients to be more mobile, and reduce the barriers in process of injury or surgery recovery

Mike Geldart, Founder and CEO

Meet The Team


Mike Geldart

CEO & Founder

B.S in Mechanical Engineering

Mike holds a B.S in mechanical engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and has vast experience in industries such as robotics, automation, and motorsport. Prior to GRD, Mike was involved in industrial automation research with NASA KSC.



Tyler Farnese

Lead Engineer

B.S in Mechanical Engineering

Tyler is currently a Mechanical Systems Engineering Masters student at Embry-Riddle with a concentration in biomechanics. He has been a part of GRD and its projects for the last two years. Tyler has a huge interest in playing and watching sports, and hopes that, through GRD and its products, all users can function and live an active lifestyle.

Jade Lovell

Director of Client Experience

Pursuing B.S in Human Factors

Jade is currently an undergraduate student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University studying Human Factors Psychology with a specialization in user experience. She also handles marketing for GRD as she has much experience with social media platforms. Jade enjoys living an active lifestyle and being around friends.

David Lim

Product Development Engineer

B.S in Mechanical Engineering

Yeram (David) Lim is currently a Mechanical Systems Engineering student with a concentration in Biomechanics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. David has worked closely on several research projects with Tyler and joined the GRD team the summer of 2019. David has a strong interest in physical activity and sports, allowing for the design/test mindset that makes GRD special.


Alex Whatmore

Manufacturing Technician

Pursuing B.S in Aerospace Engineering


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Phone: (386) 888-3688

Email: Support@GRDBiomechanics.net

Corporate Address: 482 Fentress Blvd, Suite M, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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