Designed for athletes.

Corrected form.

VRS technology helps correct
your form during heavy
squat type motions.

Enhanced recovery.

Scientifically proven to
reduce quad dominance,
getting you back in the game

Strong as you are.

Engineered out of
aerospace grade materials for maximum strength and durability.

Moves with you.

X-Strap technology keeps Ascend secure to your
leg no matter how fast you
run, how much you squat or
how far you stretch.

Mobility. Evolved.

Experience maximum mobility with Ascend. Allowing you to do more of what you love with no restrictions.

What Ascend users are saying.

This is the best brace I've ever used. I'm one week ahead in my physical therapy!

Ascend has given me the ability to wear high heels again. Something I never thought was possible.

I really like the support of the spring element.